Frequently Asked Questions - 2017

Below is a summary of the questions we are often asked about entering the Holyer an Gof Awards.

  1. What are the entry classes for this year?

    Class 1: Dylansow yn Kernewek     ( Publications in Kernewek )  
    1.0       Lyvrow yn Kernewek rag dyskas ( Books in Cornish for teaching ) 
    1.1       Lyvrow yn Kernewek rag fleghes ( Books in Cornish for children )
    1.2       Lyvrow yn Kernewek rag tevesigyon ha tevesigesow  ( Books in Cornish for adults )

    Class 2: Books for children 
    2.0       Books for children of primary age
    2.1       Books for young adults

    Class 3: Adult fiction
    3.0       Adult fiction

    Class 4: Poetry and drama
    4.0       Poetry
    4.1       Drama

    Class: 5: Non-fiction
    5.0       History, Language and Creative Arts
    5.1       Marine, Industrial Heritage and the Environment
    5.2       Non-fiction books in which illustrations predominate

    Class 6: Booklets
    6.0      Booklets - ( publications of 70 pages or less )

  2. How many classes/sub-classes can I enter?

    Each publication may only be entered in one of the classes listed above.  This is a departure from recent years. If you are not sure which class is the best for you we will be pleased to offer advice.

  3. How many copies of my publication do you want?

    One copy, please.    In you wish to send us a second copy, however, it would be very much appreciated and would assist in the distribution of publications between readers.

  4. What is the closing date fior entries?

    The closing date for entries is:  Teusday 28th February 2017

  5. How do I benefit from entering these awards?

    In a word: publicity! The details of your publication will be published on this website and retained here for the forseeable future - we know that many people search here to find out what recent books have been published about Cornwall. If your book is nominated then, unless you request otherwise, a link will be made to your website so that those interested can find out more about the publisher; you also receive an invitation to the Awards Evening at Waterstones, Truro, and a certificate from Gorsedh Kernow. Winners are invited to have a group photograph taken which is widely distributed with a press release soon after the Awards Presentation Evening.

  6. What happens to the books after judging?

    The books are sold to cover the costs of running the Awards and to help provide the funds for a donation to a Cornish charity.   If you wish to reclaim your book(s) please state this on your entry form so that we can arrange for them to be available for collection from Kresen Kernow (The Cornish Studies Library) in Redruth before the end of September 2017.

  7. What about late entries?

    We will not accept late entries unless there are exceptional circumstances.  Please contact us if an entry is likely to be late.

  8. There is a new edition of my book – is it eligible for entry?

    In the case of new editions we will only accept them if:

    A. there has been a ‘significant’ change to the publication.  (Such possible entries should be discussed with us before submittal, or submitted with documentation outlining the changes). OR

    B. the first edition was published before 1995, and awards presented in 1996, has therefore never had the opportunity of being entered for the Holyer an Gof Awards.

  9. This book has been published before but this latest reprint  is with a new publisher, is now in hardback/soft back, or has had only minor other changes - – is it eligible for entry?


If you cannot find the answer to your query here,

or in the ‘Guidelines for Entrants’ then please contact us:

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